Artwork — apply masking tape in a criss-cross pattern on the glass surface to prevent glass from splintering.

Photos and Posterboard —tape flat items onto a rigid material like plywood, plastic or layers of fibreboard padding. Or place them between pieces of corrugated pad and tape pads together at all the seams.

Undeveloped Film — prominently mark packages with undeveloped film.

Stringed Musical Instruments — loosen the tension on the strings to remove the stress on the neck of the instrument.

Printed Matter — bundle printed material together to prevent shifting. Cushion well before packing into a double-walled corrugated outer box.

Rolled Goods — tightly wrap rolled goods using several layers of heavy-duty plastic film or kraft paper and wrap with plastic packing tape. Then wrap the address label completely around the object or use a pouch.

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Shipping Dangerous Goods

Before shipping, certain dangerous goods must be handled according to strict International Air Transport Association (IATA), national and international regulations. Does your shipment qualify? Check the list and get the details.

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