Account Security Processing

You can obtain an account security number from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). This allows you to have a direct billing and payment relationship with the CBSA for duties and taxes and enables them to send a summary, outlining duties and taxes, directly to the importer of record.

Additional Lines of Classification

FedEx customs clearance is included at no extra charge with FedEx Express international services for shipments that have up to 5 harmonized tariff classification lines. A fee will be assessed on shipments processed through customs that require more than 5 harmonized tariff classification lines per entry to clear the goods.

Business Number

A business number is required in order to import into Canada and is obtained from the CBSA for the purpose of business identification. Upon request, FedEx will obtain a business number on behalf of new importers.

Government Agency Processing Service

When FedEx is the designated broker, a fee will be charged for the clearance of regulated and controlled goods that require specific clearance processes.

Low-Value Document Exceptions

This will provide the importer with information related to the shipment. A fee will apply to all requests for copies of low-value shipment (LVS) back-up documents.

Low-Value Entry Exceptions

Low-value shipments are valued under CAD$2,500. Under CBSA regulations, low-value shipments are provisionally released. However, a formal customs release may be requested for a low-value shipment prior to delivery.