FedEx Global Returns

We'll provide you with the control and flexibility to manage your customers' returns within Canada and internationally. You’ll get complete and continuous visibility of your shipments, so you know what is being returned, where it will be delivered and when it will arrive, or simply if it hasn’t been returned yet. For more information, visit

FedEx Ground® Call Tag (Intra-Canada)

Use FedEx Ground Call Tags when you have to recall an occasional package delivered by FedEx Ground within Canada.* At your request, a FedEx Ground driver will pick up your return packages at a location that you specify. You can schedule a pickup for the next business day.*

FedEx Ground® Package Returns Program

FedEx Ground Package Returns Program (PRP) is a convenient solution for shippers who receive a high volume of returns in Canada and the U.S. FedEx provides you with preprinted FedEx Ground PRP labels containing your return address information. These labels can be included with your original shipment or provided separately to your customers.

When your customers return a package, they can prepare it for shipping, complete the "From" section on the label, affix it to the package, and then schedule a next-business-day pickup or drop off the package at the nearest FedEx shipping location. The complete processing instructions are printed on the back of each label. Please note that international returns require supporting customs documentation.

For PRP packages from the U.S., you are responsible for the freight charges, duties, taxes and brokerage fees.**